My dog keeps itching…

We know you’re starting to panic! When your pet seems to have an itch they just can’t scratch (enough), it’s time to check for the signs of fleas and ticks. These little parasites survive by ingesting blood from a host, like your pet. Typically, your pet will attract these pests after being outdoors, and while they can attract fleas and ticks year-round, we know they are about to spend a lot more time outside as it warms up.

If your pet begins to experience abnormal scratching and licking, red patches of skin, hair loss, and flea “dirt,” there is a very good chance they have fleas. If your pet has a lump, wobbly walk, difficulty eating, cough, or inability to stand, a tick could be using your dog or cat as a host. Both fleas and ticks can cause your pet to develop very serious, and even life threatening, illnesses. It is very important that you consult a veterinarian right away if your dog or cat is experiencing these symptoms. Your vet will work with you to find the right treatment to get your pet back to good health!

It’s all about prevention!

While the repercussions of attracting fleas and ticks can be very scary, it is important to remember that you can ensure your pet is protected. With the help of your vet, you can pick a preventative option that fits your pet’s lifestyle and preferences.

  • Topical treatments will kill the parasites before they hatch and repel them from even contacting your dog or cat.
  • Collars are waterproof and odorless and prevent infestations.
  • Shampoos provides monthly control and relief if your pet if it has already experienced itching.
  • Sprays easily apply and can even be helpful for repelling mosquitoes.

We also recommend trying to limit access to other wildlife in your yard like opossums and raccoons that may have exposure to fleas and ticks and consider professionally treating your home and yard.

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