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  • What’s New at Klein Animal Clinic

    A lot has changed in the last few months. We’ve gone from moving around freely, to shutting ourselves in our houses, to slowly emerging into the world again. Here at Klein’s we’ve been making incremental adjustments since before the pandemic to make your life easier, and keep you up to date on all your pet’s information from afar. Recently we have added a few social distancing measures to our office, and the result is the most convenient, safe clinic in the area!

    Below are just a few of the ways Klein’s has been adapting to keep you safe and make your life easier –

    Distancing on-Site

    You may have noticed a few changes to the on-site experience at Klein’s. Because we have been adapting throughout the crisis, we’ve been able to keep our doors open, our staff present, and our services available for our beloved furry clients!


    • Car-Side Check-in & Check-out: Since the pandemic began, we have implemented car-side check-in and check-out to keep the interior of the clinic as sanitary as possible for the animals and humans who work there! This process also limits the exposure of our pet’s owners and allows everyone to stay distanced during the appointment.
    • Staff Sanitary Measures: As a vet clinic, we’re always practicing stringent sanitation measures to keep the surfaces in the building clean and safe for all. Recently we have required that staff wear face masks at all time, and have been sanitizing even more than usual! Our hands are dry from all the washing, and our building smells like Clorox, but it’s worth it for the pets we serve!
    • Over-the-phone Payments: To limit contact with our human clients, we’ve been taking payment over the phone as much as possible.

    VitusVet App

    We’ve got a new app just for our Klein Animal Clinic clients! Available both in the Apple App Store and on Google Play, this new app provides a myriad of ways for you to communicate and work with the staff at Klein’s without ever leaving your home!

    Downloading the app to your smartphone will allow you access to the following benefits –

    • Text directly with Klein Animal Clinic
    • Service reminders and scheduling
    • Shows pet bloodwork & lab results within 7 days of completion
    • Pet vaccination records at your fingertips

    The feature we are probably most excited about is the texting option. This will allow you to engage with the clinic, ask us questions, text us pictures, and decide quickly if a visit to our office is necessary.

    Online Store

    We’ve had an online store (available on our website by clicking ‘shop’ at the top of the homepage) for a little while now, providing you access to home delivery on food items for your pets. However, we’ve recently added a pharmacy option to the store as well! Now by using our online shop you can get your pet’s food and prescriptions in one place and have it all delivered to your door. We are so excited at the convenience this will provide to our clients; especially those who are vulnerable in the time of COVID.

    Also new to the store is an auto-ship option, so you never have to worry about forgetting these important items again. We want to make sure your pet has all the things they need when they need it, and this is just one more way we can accomplish that.


    The Heart of the Matter

    We’ve made a lot of changes in the last few months, but the real reason we do it is ALL OF YOU!
    We love our clients and their pets and can’t wait to see you all again. So download that app and send us a picture of Fluffy or Fido! We’re waiting for you!


    “Dr. Hartmann has been wonderful caring for this boy of ours who almost died in December 2017. She continues to work diligently to optimize his health and is always willing to listen, support, and make decisions together in regards to his ongoing care needs. We highly recommend this clinic for ALL of the amazing, kind, caring, compassionate souls who work here!!!.”

    “We recently had to put our cat down after almost 15 years . It’s always an extremely difficult thing to do . After doing everything they could for us to try and save him the day did come when we had to do the right thing . The staff at Klein couldn’t have been anymore accommodating and took our loss as there loss . I can’t thank them enough for making our situation as good as it could be”

    Klein has taken great care of my pets so far and go above and beyond to help diagnose a problem. I recently got a dog from the shelter and she has a couple medical problems that we needed medicine to treat. That was almost a week ago.

    Today, they called me just to check in and see how my dog was feeling/doing. I am so thrilled that they called just to check up on her. Makes me a happy dog mom and I will definitely be returning. Thank you for loving my fur baby!

    I originally started my Yorkie Daisy, with a different vet. She is now six years old. I’d heard so many good things about Dr. Hartman from many friends, I just knew I had to take my third daughter to her. When Dr. Hartman diagnosed her with Diabetes, I was so relieved to know she would help me through this and was going to be her Doctor. I’ve seen plenty of Vets with plenty of animals throughout my 72 years..Dr. Hartman cares, and you’d be blessed to have her as your fur babies Doctor…I wish I’d found her six years ago..I am so welcomed by Cindy, and Heather is a blessing. Always kind, and helpful.Thank you So much for taking care of my Daisy

    Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you desire Veterinarians that treat your pets like family then this is the clinic to go to. They will go above and beyond to care for your pets needs and restore their health

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