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The Klein Animal Clinic offers quality veterinary care through a friendly and caring staff. We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment such as digital radiology, and blood chemistry analyzers. We provide laser surgery to all patients in an effort to minimize pain and shorten the recovery period. We also offer therapeutic laser treatment for canine and feline rehabilitation cases. We are able to perform in-house diagnostics as well as sending samples to an off-site laboratory for testing.


New Technology

Klein Animal Clinic has top of the line Digital Radiology integrated with our in-house laboratory and referral laboratory. We provide laser surgery as well as therapy laser services and ultrasound.

Helpful Staff

Our friendly staff is happy to provide your pet with lifelong care. Our skilled receptionists, veterinary assistants and technicians will treat you pets like family. We strive to make your pet as happy and healthy as possible.

Experienced Vets

Our veterinarians will use years of experience in diagnosis and treatment for the best care of your furry family member.

Easy Payment Options

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards, checks and cash.


“Dr. Hartmann has been wonderful caring for this boy of ours who almost died in December 2017. She continues to work diligently to optimize his health and is always willing to listen, support, and make decisions together in regards to his ongoing care needs. We highly recommend this clinic for ALL of the amazing, kind, caring, compassionate souls who work here!!!.”


“We recently had to put our cat down after almost 15 years . It’s always an extremely difficult thing to do . After doing everything they could for us to try and save him the day did come when we had to do the right thing . The staff at Klein couldn’t have been anymore accommodating and took our loss as there loss . I can’t thank them enough for making our situation as good as it could be”


Klein has taken great care of my pets so far and go above and beyond to help diagnose a problem. I recently got a dog from the shelter and she has a couple medical problems that we needed medicine to treat. That was almost a week ago.

Today, they called me just to check in and see how my dog was feeling/doing. I am so thrilled that they called just to check up on her. Makes me a happy dog mom and I will definitely be returning. Thank you for loving my fur baby!


I originally started my Yorkie Daisy, with a different vet. She is now six years old. I’d heard so many good things about Dr. Hartman from many friends, I just knew I had to take my third daughter to her. When Dr. Hartman diagnosed her with Diabetes, I was so relieved to know she would help me through this and was going to be her Doctor. I’ve seen plenty of Vets with plenty of animals throughout my 72 years..Dr. Hartman cares, and you’d be blessed to have her as your fur babies Doctor…I wish I’d found her six years ago..I am so welcomed by Cindy, and Heather is a blessing. Always kind, and helpful.Thank you So much for taking care of my Daisy


Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you desire Veterinarians that treat your pets like family then this is the clinic to go to. They will go above and beyond to care for your pets needs and restore their health

Furry Family News
Pet Dental Hygiene
August 5, 2020

Why is Dental Health Important? Humans love spending time with their pets. We give them scratches, coddle them, and they return the affection! Kisses, nose-boops, head buts, and wake-up calls are how our pets show they love us and while these things are fantastic, the...


February is National Pet Dental Health Month. If your pet has bad breath, it’s time schedule their yearly checkup today. Bad breath may mean there is an issue with your pet’s teeth and gums. But it may also be a sign of a more serious medical condition. If dental conditions are left untreated, you may put your pet at risk for problems in their mouth (periodontitis) or with internal organs (heart disease).

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